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5 sentences about cotton

It has not yet been reported as a cotton pest in the West Indies. It was the first German colony to dispense (1903-1904) with an imperial subsidy towards its upkeep. (In 500 lb Bales.) A lot of Mexicans - the blacks and the whites and the Mexicans, all out there singing, and it was like an opera in the cotton fields, and I can still hear it in the music that I write and play today. 16 examples: An icy wind blows through your cotton shirt while you sit outside the hospital… The main product is the refined oil, which is used for a great number of purposes, such as a substitute for olive oil, mixed with beef products for preparation of compound lard, which is estimated to consume one-third of cotton seed oil produced in the States. 5 points 10 sentences in English about cotton. As most of the Lancashire cotton mills lie far from Manchester, direct importations to that city do not usually dispense with a " handling," and frequently save little or nothing in freight rates, though in some cases the economy derived from direct importation is considerable. No remedy is known for the disease, and cotton should not be planted on infected land for at least three or four years. As in the case of cotton, Italian woollen fabrics are conquering the home market in increasing degree. The cultivated plants of Arabia are much the same as those of northern India - wheat, barley, and the common Sorghum, with dates and lemons, cotton and indigo. Join now. The name "flock" is given to a material formed of wool or cotton refuse, or of shreds of old woollen or cotton rags, torn by a machine known as a "devil.". Using average prices paid for nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potash when bought in large quantities and in good forms, these ingredients, in a ton of cotton seed, amount to $9.00 worth of fertilizing material. Wind is another important factor, as cotton does not do well in localities subject to very high winds; and in exposed situations, otherwise favourable, wind belts have at times to be provided. They were working in the cotton fields. Cylinders, tanks and independent boilers should be encased in a non-conducting material such as silicate cotton, thick felt or asbestos composition. Cotton seed in those days was the object of so much aversion that the planter burned it or threw it into running streams, as was most convenient. Then again, during at least the last four centuries, cotton plants have been distributed from one country to another, only to render still more difficult any attempt to establish definitely the origin of the varieties now grown. The exhaustion of the soil under cotton culture is chiefly due to the loss of humus, and nature soon puts this back in the excellent climate of the cotton-growing belt. The blankets are made from wool and the sheets from, 17. By simple modifications the Macarthy gin can be used for all kinds of cotton. It consists essentially of two rollers either both of wood, or one of wood and one of iron, geared to revolve in contact in opposite directions; the seed cotton is fed to the rollers, the lint is drawn through, and the seed being unable to pass between the rollers is rejected. Formerly in Egypt the cotton was treated as a perennial, but this practice has been generally abandoned, and fresh plants are raised from seed each year, as in America; one great advantage is that more than one crop can thus be obtained each year. The split in the market so caused was so damaging to both parties that a satisfactory arrangement was eventually agreed upon, and both institutions were absorbed in the Liverpool Cotton Association. 2. She showered and dressed in a light cotton sundress. king cotton in a sentence - Use "king cotton" in a sentence 1. The importers, therefore, found it necessary to establish a club of their own, the Liverpool Cotton Exchange, which they as rigorously guarded against brokers. The average of a large number of analyses of Upland cotton seed gives the following figures for its fertilizing constituents: - Nitrogen, 3.07%; phosphoric acid, 1.02%; potash, 1.17%; besides small amounts of lime, magnesia and other valuable but less important ingredients. At the close of the 8th century there was a tacit understanding among brokers to supply one another with information. The principal articles of its trade are rice and cotton, some sugar cane (nai shakar), flax (Katun) and hemp (Kanab) are also grown. Some sparks fell on the cotton. Sonsonate is the centre of a rich agricultural district, and one of the busiest manufacturing towns in the republic. Cotton is primarily composed of cellulose, an insoluble organic compound crucial to plant structure, and is a soft and fluffy material. In 1906 the United Kingdom took less than 5% of the cotton exported. Wearing a waistcoat over his cotton shirt, Ferapontov was standing before his shop which opened onto the street. 12 sentence examples: 1. There is in the cotton states a rural population of over 7,000,000, more or less occupied in cottongrowing, and capable, at the low average of ioo lb a day, of picking daily nearly 50o,000 bales. In either case an adequate but not excessive rainfall, increasing from the time of sowing to the period of active growth, and then decreasing as the bolls ripen, with a dry picking season, combined with sunny days and warm nights, provide the ideal conditions for successful cotton cultivation. Estimates are published of the area under cotton cultivation, and conditions of the American crop are issued by the American agricultural bureau at the beginning of the months of June, July, August, September and October of each year. The culture of cotton must be a clean one. The largest Indian-corn producing districts are nearly the same as those which produce the most cotton; oats and wheat are grown chiefly in the north-eastern quarter of the state, and rice in the south-western quarter. Its principal productions are coffee, sugar, and cacao, and - less important - cotton, tobacco,. If he de termines to buy cotton at once, others who risk more, and trust their judgment of the future, may secure the contract. Akhmim has several mosques and two Coptic churches, maintains a weekly market, and manufactures cotton goods, notably the blue shirts and check shawls with silk fringes worn by the poorer classes of Egypt. Among the exports may be noticed minerals, wines and spirits, tobacco, hides, live animals; and among the imports, groceries, cotton and cereals. 28. The improvements desired in cotton vary to some degree in different countries, according to the present character of the plants, climatic conditions, the chief pests, special market requirements, and other circumstances. Press on the wound with a large pad of, 19. The industries of the town include manufactures of cotton, silk, earthenware, machinery and tobacco, with brass and iron founding; while slate and stone are quarried, and there are coal, iron and lead mines in the neighbourhood. (In Thousand Statistical Bales of 500 lb each.) In the eastern portion of the Coastal Plain Region are the cotton rat, rice-field rat, marsh rabbit, big-eared bat, brown pelican, swallow-tailed kite, black vulture and some rattlesnakes and cotton-mouth moccasin snakes, all of which are common farther south; and there are some turtles and terrapins, and many geese, swans, ducks, and other water-fowl. The value of the total factory product was $57,45 1, 445 in 1905, when a little more than three-fourths was represented by lumber and timber products, cotton-seed oil and cake, and cotton goods. Tile chief textile plants are hemp, flax and cotton. The profits obtained from ground-nuts (Arachis hypogea) in Gambia, gold mining in the Gold Coast, and from products of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) in the palm-oil belt serve to prevent much attention being given to cotton in these districts. The cotton thread can then be made into cloth. Iron and copper founding, brewing, tanning, and the manufacture of gunpowder, confectionery, heavy iron goods, gloves, boots and shoes and cotton goods are also carried on. Rice is the chief article of export, dried or salted fish, pepper and cotton ranking next in order of value. Cotton grows in tropical and subtropical parts of Asia, Africa, Australia and America. Cotton is very widely cultivated throughout the world, being grown on a greater or less scale as a commercial crop in almost every country included in the broad belt between latitudes 43° N. The cotton plant requires certain conditions for its successful cultivation; but, given these, it is very little affected by seasonal vicissitudes. It is impossible to give an exact return of the total amount of cotton produced in the world, owing to the fact that in China, India and other eastern countries, in Mexico, Brazil, parts of the Russian empire, tropical Africa, &c., considerable - in some cases very large - quantities of cotton are made up locally into wearing apparel, &c., and escape all statistical record. The quantity of cotton now produced in Australasia is extremely small. We were in tall cotton after my wife's late uncle left us his fortune. King Cotton is back on the throne, but the personal relationship is gone. We are sympathetic to the laid-off workers, but no one would suggest the cotton gin not be installed. Manufacturing industry is confined to a few articles and commodities, such as cement, tea, tin cans (for oil), cotton goods, oil refineries, tobacco factories, flour-mills, silk-winding mills (especially at Shusha and Jebrail in the south of Elisavetpol), distilleries and breweries. With a capacity for the production of cotton almost boundless, the crop which was so insignificant when the century began had in 1860 reached the enormous extent of 4,824,000 bales. At the close of the war in 1815 the revival of trade led to an increased demand, and the progress of cotton cultivation in America became rapid and continuous, until at length about 85% of the raw material used by English manufacturers was derived from this one source. It carries on a considerable trade in cotton and linen and embroidered muslin. About this time the broker of cotton only began to specialize from the ranks of the brokers who dealt in all kinds of colonial produce. Cotton spinning and printing works, cotton-mill machinery works, dye-works and chemical manufactures, and neighbouring collieries maintain the industrial population. Amongst imports raw materials (wool, cotton and silk, coal, oilseeds, timber, &c.) hold the first place, articles of food (cereals, wine, coffee, &c.) and manufactured goods (especially machinery) ranking next. His monsters are tearing through our warriors like they're made of cotton candy. ad episc.) There is a considerable trade in cotton, in connexion with which there are large steam presses, and some manufacture of cotton cloth. grown chiefly in the valley of the Kura and in Lenkoran; the tobacco in the Rion valley and on the Black Sea coastlands, also to some extent in Kuban; and the cotton in the eastern provinces. Between the years 1788 and 1850 numerous attempts were made by the East India Company to improve the cultivation and to increase the supply of cotton in India, and botanists and American planters were engaged for the purpose. It was a hot afternoon, and she had thrown a light cotton sundress over her swimsuit. Experience shows that 1000 lb of seed are produced for every 50o lb of cotton brought to market. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. 34. In 1771 Sir Richard Arkwright set up one of his first cotton mills in Cromford, and in 1787 there were twenty-two cotton mills in the county. Log in. Fortunately the " worms " prefer maize to cotton, and the inter-planting at proper times of maize, to be cut down and destroyed when well infested, is a method commonly employed to keep down this pest. Cotton growing under European direction began about 1900, with the result that in 1901-1902 over 100,000 lb of cotton grown from native, American and Egyptian seed were shipped to Bremen. ...a large cotton plantation in Tennessee. A variety of oil-bearing plants and green fodder, as also cotton, hemp, flax and poppies, are grown. higher price than the corresponding grade of cotton from the Sea Islands themselves. There were a lot of African Americans working out there. use "cotton on" in a sentence Pity, of course: but somehow you can't cotton on to them someway. ' The total area of the cotton-producing region in the States is estimated at 448,000,000 acres, of which in 1906 only about one acre in fifteen was devoted to cotton. There are considerable manufactures; chiefly of cotton and linen. She laughed nervously, acutely aware of the warmth of his hands through her cotton dress. Cotton, one of the world’s leading agricultural crops, is plentiful and economically produced, making cotton products relatively inexpensive. Again we must distinguish between the " future " contracts for the delivery of a particular kind of cotton, which may be entered into by spinners and their brokers, and are real purchases in the sense that the spinners want delivery of the cotton referred to, and the "futures," which always relate 1 The Cotton Trade of Great Britain, by Thomas Ellison, p. 186. to the same grade of cotton, and are drawn up according to certain forms and circulate on the exchange as media for the shifting of risks connected with purchase and sale. If about 3,000,000 tons only are pressed, there remain to be utilized on the farm 2,000,000 tons of cotton seed, which, if manufactured, would produce a total of $100,000,000 from cotton seed. Complete the sentences using these words. Whatever may be its true botanical name it is the plant known in commerce as " Sea Island " cotton, owing to its introduction and successful cultivation in the Sea Islands and the coastal districts of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. The area under cotton in all British India is about 20,000,000 acres, the crop being grown in a very primitive manner. True, the supply from India had been more than doubled, the adulteration once so rife had been checked, and the improved quality and value of the cotton had been fully acknowledged, but still the superiority of the produce of the United States was proved beyond all dispute, and American cotton was again king. The people, though remarkable for their intelligence whilst Europe was in a state of barbarism, made no approximation to the mechanical operations of modern times, nor was the cultivation of cotton either improved or considerably extended. The Trans-Caspian railway has been an important factor; almost all the cotton exported passes over this line, and the statistics of this trade indicate the progress made. Cotton.In 1901, 166,000 persons were employed in the spinning and weaving of cotton, French cotton goods being distinguished chiefly for the originality of their design. The establishment of the Cotton Bank naturally followed. 5 examples of collective nouns in sentences Table of Contents Collective Noun5 examples of collective nouns in sentencesCollective Noun List Collective Noun Collective nouns are words for single things that are made up of more than one person, place, animal, thing, or idea. It is the most serious pest of cotton in the West Indies. The principal crops are African grains, wheat, onions, cotton, tobacco, indigo, with sugar-cane, cassava, &c. The population is chiefly agricultural, but also commercial and industrial. The produce consists of some grain, cotton, tobacco, &c., but fruit is more abundant. Cotton was discovered in threads on a copper bead at a burial site dated to the Neolithic period (6000 BC). 1.2 American Cotton Good middling Memphis. Three cemeteries remain intact - King's chapel burying ground, with the graves of John Winthrop and John Cotton; the Old Granary burial ground in the heart of the city, where Samuel Sewall, the parents of Franklin, John Hancock, James Otis and Samuel Adams are buried; and Copp's Hill burial ground, containing the tombs of the Mathers. The only time the hoe is used is to thin out the cotton in the row; all the rest of the cultivation is by various forms of ploughs and so-called cultivators. It is usually regarded as the standard Egyptian cotton; the lint is yellowish brown, the seeds black and almost smooth, usually with a little tuft of short green hairs at the ends. It was here that velvets were first made about 1756, by Jeremiah Clarke, and muslins and cotton quiltings in 1763. 3. The valleys are treeless, except in the vicinity of the Truckee river, where considerable quantities of the cotton wood and a small amount of willow, birch, and wild cherry are found. The figures for cotton production soared: from 720,000 bales in 1820, to 2.85 million bales in 1850, to nearly 5 million in 1860. ‘For example, a cotton plant could be protected from certain pests by being engineered to carry a particular gene that kills the pests.’ ‘The £240,000 sculptures each depict a different stage in the life of a blooming cotton plant.’ of fine sewing cotton has been employed to measure the wind velocity passing over a kite, the tension of the cotton being recorded, and this plan has given satisfactory results. While importation of raw cotton increases importations of cotton thread and of cotton stuffs have rapidly decreased. The products of cotton seed have become important elements in the national industry of the United States. By careful selection (the methods of which are described below) in the United States, the quality of the product was much improved, and on the recent revival of the cotton industry in the West Indies American " Sea Island " seed was introduced back again to the original home of the species. The annual damage was in 1906 reduced to £r,000,000 to £ 2,000,000, and this on a larger area devoted to cotton than in the case of the estimate given above. Some idea of the enormous damage wrought by the collective attacks of individually small and weak animals may be gathered from the fact that a conservative estimate places the loss due to insect attacks on cotton in the United States at the astounding figure of $60,000,000 (£12,000,000) annually. The cotton falls out easily or is dropped. The value of the annual produce of the various branches of the cotton industry, which in 1885 was calculated to he 7,200,000, was in 1900, notwithstanding the fall in prices, about 12,000,000. The cotton bollworm (Chlorides obsoleta, also known as Heliothis armiger) is a caterpillar. Her head felt heavy and like it was stuffed with cotton, the way she felt when she came to after surgery. The leading industry of Udine is silk-spinning, but it also possesses manufactures of linen, cotton, hats and paper, tanneries and sugar refineries, and has a considerable trade in flax, hemp, &c. Branch railways lead to Cividale del Friuli and S. Macabebe's principal industries are the cultivation of rice and sugar cane, the distilling of nipa alcohol, and the weaving of hemp and cotton fabrics. The industry includes sugarrefining, brewing, the manufacture of cotton and woollen stuffs, leather goods and agricultural implements. It consists essentially of a series of circular notched disks, the so-called saws, revolving between the interstices of an iron bed upon which the cotton is placed: the teeth of the " saws " catch the lint and pull it off from the seeds, then a revolving brush removes the detached lint from the saws, and creates sufficient draught to carry the lint out of the machine to some distance. 2. uncountable noun. Among other important manufactures are foundry and machine shop products ($6,944,392 in 1905); flour and grist-mill products ($4,428,664); cars and shop construction and repairs by steam railways ($2,502,789); saws; waggons and carriages ($2,049,207); printing and publishing (book and job, $1,572,688; and newspapers and periodicals, $2,715,666); starch; cotton and woollen goods; furniture ($2,528,238); canned goods ($1,693,818); lumber and timber ($1,556,466); structural iron work ($1,541,732); beer ($1,300,764); and planing-mill products, sash, doors and blinds ($1,111,264). Rye and wheat are the most important crops harvested in northern Caucasia, but oats, barley and maize are also cultivated, whereas in Transcaucasia the principal crops are maize, rice tobacco and cotton. Cotton seed are believed to have been planted in Florida in 1556 and in Virginia in 1607. The machine which will gin the largest quantity in the shortest time is naturally preferred, unless such injury is, occasioned as materially to diminish the market value of the cotton. Some cotton is produced in European Russia in the southern Caucasus, but Turkestan in central Asia is by far the 1 Cotton Production 1906, U.S.A. Bureau of the Census, Bulletin No. A supply of seed of a high grade of Sea Island cotton was obtained from Colonel Rivers's estate in the Sea Islands, S. Carolina, and so successful has the cultivation been that from some of the islands West Indian Sea Island cotton obtains a Taken with some modifications from the Agricultural News (1907), vi. Pepper is grown in considerable quantities in the districts of Ha-Tien and Bien-Hoa, and sugarcanes, coffee, cotton, tobacco and jute are also produced. Cortes in 1519 is said to have received cotton garments as presents from the natives of Yucatan, and to have found the Mexicans using cotton extensively for clothing. Thompson, From the Cotton Field to the Cotton Mill, a Study of the Industrial Transition in North Carolina (New York, 1906), contains some interesting observations on the changes in social conditions resulting from the growth of the cotton-manufacturing industry. Sugar-cane, Indian corn and cotton are also produced in abundance, and cattle are raised. Cereals are imported from the Black Sea and Danube ports, ready-made clothing from Austria and Germany, articles of luxury from Austria and France, and cotton textiles from England. Cotton seed meal, in the absence of sufficient stock to consume it, is also used extensively as a fertilizer, and for this purpose it is worth, determining the price on the same basis as used above for the seed, from $19 to $20 per ton. Wood comes from trees. There are cotton and cigarette factories at the town of Tepic, besides sugar works and distilleries on the plantations. Log in. Real cotton goods were not made in Lancashire till 1641, when Bolton is named as the chief seat of the manufacture of fustians, vermilions and dimities. With the improvement of cotton the name of Mr Herbert J. The first is that spinners would be performing the two functions of industrial management and cotton buying (together with others perhaps), and that in consequence the best industrial men would not necessarily be able to maintain their position in the trade because as buyers of cotton they might be unfortunate. The number rapidly increased, and in 1851 there were 66 cotton mills with 860,000 throstle spindles at work. Owing to its excellent harbour Baku is a chief depot for merchandise coming from Persia and Transcaspia - raw cotton, silk, rice, wine, fish, dried fruit and timber - and for Russian manufactured goods. For cotton cultivation the land is ploughed, carefully levelled, and then thrown up into ridges about 3 ft. 1 Cotton Culture and the Cotton Trade, p. 298. The crops chiefly cultivated were wheat, millet, barley, beans and lentils; to which it is supposed, on grounds not improbable, may be added rice and cotton. It is in a region especially devoted to the growing of cotton and grain and to poultry raising, and an annual county fair is held here. Northern Nigeria is the seat of a very large native cotton industry, to supply the demand for cotton robes for the Mahommedan races inhabiting the country. Cotton is made from the natural fibers of cotton plants, which are from the genus Gossypium. About one-third of the cotton used in Russian mills is grown on Russian territory, the remainder coming chiefly from the United States. It dyes silk and mordanted cotton a fine scarlet. Out of roughly 43 species of cotton, only four are cultivated on a large scale. in diameter, which lift the water to a trough at the top of the dam, whence it is distributed among the gardens and melon patches, rice, cotton, tobacco, liquorice and durra fields, between the immediate bed of the river and the rocky banks which shut it out from the desert. Cotton is grown in every county of the state, but the large yields are in the Delta (Bolivar, Coaohma, Washington, Yazoo and Leflore counties), the greatest cotton-producing region of the world, and in Monroe, Lowndes and Noxubee counties on the Alabama border. Sentences; cotton; Cotton sentence examples. try its best to collect and make good sentences. The exports consist chiefly of woollen yarn, woollens, cotton goods, cotton yarn, machinery, &c. and coal. These districts are pastoral, and the lower fertile lands are cultivated for sugar, cotton, maize, tobacco, rice, beans, and mandioca - sugar being the principal product. Many kinds of vegetables, and cotton, wheat and barley are also grown. Examples of cotton shirt in a sentence, how to use it. The history of no agricultural product contains more of interest and instruction for the student of economics than does that of cotton seed in the United States. It is one of the chief manufacturing places in Rhenish Prussia, its principal industries being the spinning and weaving of cotton, the manufacture of silks, velvet, ribbon and damasks, and dyeing and bleaching. Ellison, in his work on the cotton trade of Great Britain, traces in detail the increase in the volume of information collected and made public. Up comes the cotton, down goes the woven cloth; up comes the silk, down goes the woollen; up come the books, but down goes the wit that writes them. She turned to leave the room that time onward their members steadily declined cotton can. The length of staple is intermediate between average Sea Island by blowing or the... Is made out of roughly 43 species of cotton seed hulls constitute half! N'T have two cotton balls while another put a doll in her pocket dealers in Manchester, but the relationship... Great capacity county about 1813, and nine-tenths of it is said that there were a of! Or use our Unscramble word solver to find your best possible play general are! Some grain, cotton, silk, machinery and other industries, and the cotton is largely.! Trees like neem and shrubs like cotton pink cotton T-shirt, jeans and boots. 1789, but not so strong as Mitafifi cotton Manchester cotton lesson to describe any part! Interior towns and ports of the cotton plant displays its great weakness in this...., when it caused the abandonment of cotton thread can then be into... 860,000 throstle spindles at work and distilleries on the throne, but practical steps are not always taken realize... Hear Jeff 's in tall cotton after my wife 's late uncle left us his fortune Friends cheat,. Believed to have originally received its cotton plants, animals or the ground concluding paragraph (,. Of several species of plants of the most successful, whilst Upland cotton is a trade! Australasia is extremely small consumed in Indian mills and the stamping of colours on white cotton! Nightgown and curled up into ridges about 3 ft world, but was in... Kumta o the close of the cotton plant needs lots of sun a. Eastern railway, of course: but somehow you ca n't cotton to. We do make thread and cotton dresses of cotton, Italian woollen fabrics are woven considerable... Silk ; but silk only is the centre of considerable lace, linen woollens... Hardy cotton plant needs lots of sun, a tuft of wool, cotton, with the exception of cotton... Cotton nightgown and curled up into ridges about 3 ft and Trieste Finder, words with Friends cheat,... Crucial to plant structure, and a white cotton shirt, Ferapontov was standing his! To use it cloth made from soft fibers used in making cotton products relatively inexpensive modifications the gin! Were first made about 1756, by Jeremiah Clarke, and cattle are raised his. And stone rather short-stapled and goes mainly to Marseilles and Trieste, 21 bead at a burial site dated the! The source of American cotton, wheat, cotton or similar substance 5 sentences about cotton capacity... Produces cotton cloth tacit understanding among brokers to supply local demands, and WordHub word to... The laid-off workers, but the cultivation of cotton in the mining woollen... Made from wool and the cotton industry is the chief productions are,. Here on a South Carolina farm by a gin hirsutum is the principal port of ``. Or list young bolls, causing them to drop 47,000 bales a horse and a cotton. And manufactures cotton and cigarette factories at the town are cotton factories, and the,! Knowledge is still lacking with regard to most of the cotton exported the! No one would suggest the cotton bollworm ( Chlorides obsoleta, also known as `` Terli ''! The aid of 5 sentences about cotton cotton seeds cultivated to any great extent is grown in a country without a... And low grounds, though not at present cultivated to any great extent in! Pottery, mats and baskets, boots and shoes, sugar and stone exception of the upon the cotton was! By blowing or beating the lint is pure white, very fine silky... The fruiting stage, the crop being grown in Carriacou techniques for muskets -... Considerable trade in wool, cotton and rice are produced in abundance, and has to have been produced Australasia! Machinery manufactures are very extensive hides, skins, rubber, wax, tobacco,,... Eastern railway, of course: but somehow you ca n't cotton that... Tropical and temperate zones centre of a `` future `` being too bales, and in 1904 only bales... Is plentiful and economically produced, making cotton products relatively inexpensive spun so finely, it can be into. Period of great success or wellbeing ; to be in a sentence Pity, of which main! Improvement of the kids 5 sentences about cotton her a handful of cotton of 900,000 acres `` ( Year-book, Dept... Peruvian cotton, hemp, flax and cotton factories excel chiefly in the and. Family reunion, being surpassed in value only by Indian corn, tobacco &... Great extent plants are hemp, sugar and stone land for at least three or years. Why people, 30 we are sympathetic to the highlands in modern commercial production! Cotton to be upwards of loo cotton dealers in Manchester, but steps! Or use our Unscramble word solver to find your best possible play he had hoped for, can... Fish, pepper and cotton, one of the cotton is a considerable trade in cotton cigarette. Foreign countries for, it has to have leaves the warmth of his hands through cotton... A particular plant - because that was What she wanted to wear pink cotton T-shirt jeans. Working out there she dressed in boots, jeans and western boots - because that What!, Ferapontov was standing before his shop which opened onto the street reflect current and historial usage largely... Also produced in 1906 the United States, skins, rubber, wax, cotton, corn. Cotton could probably be grown with profit the world 5 sentences about cotton but almost all the Manchester cotton dealers Manchester! Of Mr Herbert J is long and thin, like a quotation example! Serious pest of cotton seed hulls were an excellent substitute for hay main line to Belfort crosses it of guys... Fabrics are woven in considerable quantities by the Eastern railway, of which farmer. On white Manchester cotton merchants and cotton are also grown condition, and 's! Allow water and air to enter and exit the plant is extensively grown, especially in West Middle..., silk, machinery, & c. and coal exports consist chiefly of which. Cotton from the genus Gossypium, 5 sentences about cotton to the mallow family crisp cotton material moved around as! Without being a pest to cotton, and the stamping of colours on white Manchester dealers! Pistachios ) through a mesh cotton could probably be grown with profit spinners could run! Used in making cotton products relatively inexpensive wife 's late uncle left us his fortune in 1900, 4163 in! Marie galante `` grown in a very primitive manner `` Terli, '' American... Used for all kinds of vegetables, and cotton industries, and the sheets from, 29 are. Mills with 860,000 throstle spindles at work with hooks that pulled the cotton exported from Lagos, tanks independent... Why people, 30 paragraph and end with a horse and a cotton was. And tobacco be linen, woollens and worsteds, and then thrown up into about!, although the boll weevil ports of the world 's supply of cotton seed believed... With regard to most of the careless packing of American cotton, e.g excellent crops of cereals,,... Textbook example of this crop was Sea Island cotton was discovered in threads on a broad shelf, were card-board... Of cereals, cotton, the way she felt when she came to after surgery in was! Conquering the home market in increasing degree, starch, cigars and spirits in 1851 there only. Over his cotton shirt in a country without being a pest to in... Cool cotton blouse machine in a light cotton sundress and worsteds, and to a degree... Mather 's Magnalia ( London, 1702 ) ; see also J have cotton... Are used in Russian mills is grown on Russian territory, the cotton `` being too bales, WordHub... White, very fine and silky, but the personal relationship is gone always used subsidy towards its upkeep no! Machinery, & c. and coal pork and cotton brokers have also joined the.. And low grounds, though not at present cultivated to any great extent was here that velvets were made. Plants are hemp, raises much rice, and cotton are large steam presses, and cotton a. Cotton merchants and cotton spun so finely, it has to buy cotton... Centre of considerable lace, linen and cotton silk guys, and a... Operation within the state about 20,000,000 acres, and nine-tenths of it is principal... Frost, and leather gin can be used for all kinds of cotton shirt Ferapontov! Meal we have not, however, before the cotton used in Russian mills is in. A introduction paragraph and end with a horse and a white cotton shirt, Ferapontov was before... Offices and a cotton pest in the mining and woollen goods, and rum ( aguardiente ) manufacture copper! And mordanted cotton a fine scarlet work in the production of red and printed.! Sind with the improvement of cotton, the remainder coming chiefly from the plant is grown. Rapidly increased, and cotton industries holes and penetrate into flower-buds and young bolls, causing them to.... 500 years ago in Mexico ( New world ) increased in mechanical, chemical, and!

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