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The remote was fine for the initial set-up. The remote worked well with me Toshiba 3109 DVD player, all of the basic/setup functions were already preprogrammed. | Inablility to program speaker and surround parameters without OSD (on-screen display) -- I don't have a capable TV yet, and had to do the speaker setups completely blindly just by pressing the right sequence of buttons on the remote and hoping I got it right. Shop with confidence. Remote is a bit confusing, but you get use to it after a while. All switches are miniscule with labelling to match. I wanted to look a little further than my JVC RX-888 (before my 30-day return window was up at Circuit City) so I picked up an AVR-2800 to audition for a couple of nights, at home on my speakers, side by side with the JVC. Sound quality, looks, signal processing, 5 channel stereo. And...I LIKE THE REMOTE! The quality & images does make a difference from the £400 Sony I had. Upon reading the reviews of the AVR-1800, a poster commented on its ability to create surround from non-digital sources. Why not the Denon PMA600NE it's much closer to the price of a Marantz PM6006 (Atleast in Denmark where i live) Marantz PM6006 295 euros Denon PMA600NE 401 euros Denon PMA800NE 495 euros You didn't see a wrong price 100 euro difference is alot (Denmark vs Italy for the Denon PMA800NE) Review,impressions of both denon amps Denon's decision to put out the 2800 now was probably not the best marketing - especially since they got hit with unknown bugs initially. Its black and matches the rest of my kit. | Denon was a bit late to the game in offering a universal player, but for good reasons. Keifs will give you great service and a good price. AL-80; AL-85; CD AD-7100; PCM DAT-8200; Altec Loudspeakers BIAS 550; Model 14; Model 19; Model 5; Model 887A; Model 9862; Voice of the Theatre; Audio-Technica Turntable AT727; Various AT666; B&O Compact Beocenter 3500; Braun Compact audio 308; Preceiver Regie 510 Sweet! Enough has been said about the Denon's high quality componentry, so I'll skip it. Here’s how I rate the unit. I bought this player to match a denon avc-A11SR av amp. This review is about the mkII model. Pioneer Dolby surround receiver (can't remember the model). It is way better than the Yamaha. Shop with confidence. The layer change buffer works making the change without a pause or audio dropout. It is very simple, easy to understand, and the major buttons are easily recognizable. DCD-500AE player is no different at all than the 700th model: the same solid and beautiful aluminum front panel, an elegant design, located in the center of the mechanism developed in Denon. Our verdict. Not anymore, 3-Digital opticals, S-video for everybody and then some. Lasereinheit für einen DENON DCD-2800AL / DCD2800AL / DCD 2800 AL / Erkennt Ihr Player keine CD/DVD/ BluRay mehr? Super lecteur CD haut de Gamme DENON DCD 2800 AL,en parfait état,Façade Gold,un super lecteur audiophile lourd et bien construit.De plus il vient avec sa Técommande d'origine. Great cd play back if thats a requirement too. Bought all from Keifs and they were great as usual. Hence I now have disconnected the meridian for use in another room. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Noisy drive at beginning of disc. – Some would expect a USB input for the amp’s onboard DAC; captive thin power lead? Great sound, excellent surround effects, good low-volume full-range reproduction, superior FM reception, **learning remote**! If you have a lot of components, you'll still need to buy a good real universal remote. System set-up is very difficult at first. Date Posted: Jan 23, 19 2:08am (PST) Edited: Jan 26, 19 5:20am. Shares. If i enable progressive scan I get a nice blue LED, a sharp picture but the audio goes out of sync with the picture! Well I had it a month and it stopped playing audio CD's.No, Not the the home made half baked unreliable variety..the full paid up monty! Related Manuals for DENON DVD-2800. Right away the player intermitently froze during playback of dvds. Strange how the MkII is so different the MKI cannot be upgraded. The picture's generally good, but on some DVD's there are very visible artifacts. Hi everyone, I am a 'newbie' and know very little about older CD players hence would like some assistance. HI-FI SOUND MEETS HIGH-END DESIGN Enjoy crisp, powerful, digitally amplified sound with the new PMA-150H integrated network amplifier. From 1 review ... Denon DCD-1500AE - Ask a question now. Explore DHT-S216 Shop All Sound Bars. A month later its back with a new laser no less. After owning it I found that the famous "Chroma Upsampling" problem was easily remidied with software upgrades. For general music, the 2800 creates a clear and large sound field through my Atlantic CT-1 speakers. I bought a 2800 mk2 manufactured in March 2002. The Denon one is initially not much better until you take into account the fact that it has learning capability. From a full sound standpoint, 5 channel’s closest comparison is to my infinity car stereo system. Durchschnittl. By John Hvidlykke 2020-10-09 - 10:50 am. Great CD player For HT, the Denon delivers. Asking Price: CAD $ 300.00. This player is the best component in my system now and is a night and day difference from my old player. Search by popular brands such as Accuphase, Hegel, Krell, Luxman, Mark Levinson and Sonus faber, and by categories like floorstanding speakers, integrated amplifiers, speaker systems, turntables and more. sogar 2b) verbaut sein. Now they suffer from the unit being the first one to have the bug mentioned in a big mag review - even though practically all the other players, and even satellite dishes, suffer from the same thing. Der Austausch einer solchen Lasereinheit löst oftmals schon das Problem. So, in basic pal mode it works ok. DCD-100 er nemlig præcis den kompakte CD-afspiller, du har brug for, og så skader det ikke, at den både er billig, flot designet og let at bruge. I took it in to be repaired. About Seller: QC, Canada Product Brand: Denon: Product Model: DCD 2800 AL: Days in System: 4: The feedback period is over for this ad, so feedback is no longer allowed. Upgrade your home theater with the Denon DHT-S216 sound bar with DTS: Virtual X for virtual 3D audio. Since being released to the micro hi-fi DAB market, they have received several awards in Europe. This is difficult at best, but if the lights are low, forget about it.If you're intrepid enough to attempt to use the front panel, you'll have to spin three poorly labelled black knobs to run through a menu system at least as annoying as anything you've encountered in a phone call to technical service. Find great deals on eBay for denon 2800. It really helps when you have guys that have a reputation and actually know what they're talking about. Thanks Bruce and Dave for steering me in the right direction. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Denon. Better sound that my older Sony DVD player. I picked up this unit mint in it's original box complete with a manual, cables and remote. Denon AVR 2801 A/V Receivers user reviews : 2.8 out of 5 - 117 reviews - The On Screen Display is nice and very easy to use. So whats the big deal on progressive scan? Output Power: 50 watts into 8 Ω, 85 watts into 4 Ω ; Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01 % (Rated output: –3 dB), 8 Ω/ohms, 1 kHz. (1 review written) I couldn't wait to get this Denon DVD 2800 DVD player out of the box and believe me I was not disappointed. Immediate download after payment. I have the same criticism of the unit’s front panel: not intuitive but easy enough to use with time. Even my wife was able to figure out the Onkyo, but not the Denon. The USB input on the front allows you to play WMA and MP3 digital music files; it also works with (and charges) your iPod or iPhone. It has all that the average enthusiast would ever need. With more than 60 buttons, it won't even control all the receiver's own functions (Video Select, for example). Info: cd player Denon 2800 al with remote. The space has an incredible scale, depth, but does not seem empty - the stereo image differs by perfectly focused sources. I went to my local Denon authorized dealer. You'll get a new card for free with shipping included. Maybe if they just made the lettering white instead of the mustard-yellow color that it is...- when you have to go into "modes" to set/select things, such as selecting AM/FM presets or changing surround effect parameters, it only gives you 3 or 4 seconds before it switches back out of the mode, which is usually not enough time to set/select something and hear whether you like it or not. Denon was a bit late to the game in offering a universal player, but for good reasons. With that, they unleashed the almighty DVD-2900 Universal DVD player which, because it did so many things correctly, caused about 80% of the content in my previously mentioned articles to go obsolete. The computer generated fur of sulley in monsters was a noticable improvement. I still haven't heard anything from them. WRITE A REVIEW ★★★★★ 4.5 / 5. Discuss: Denon AVR-2807 review: Denon AVR-2807 Sign in to comment. ; Delivered as a PDF file. All of you who bought on-line and saved a hun or two, that's great as long as nothing goes wrong with your unit. I was able to get my local dealer to match a internet price of $599 which makes this receiver a great value My system: Denon AVR-2800 Panasonic DVDA-120 Polk RT-35's (Front) Polk RT-25's (rear) Polk CS-245 (center) Boston Acoustics PV-800 Sub As far as price goes, you get what you pay for! If you’re a newbie like me, you’ll want to use Audio Reviews Home Theater Tech Talk to understand some of the features. The biggest problem with the remote is that all of the buttons are not programmable. The 5 channel stereo feature is a must have, it puts watching regular television broadcasts an adventure (especially sporting events). Find great deals on eBay for denon 2800. Nuf' said. :(, Excellent picture quality, espeically good with plasma's. Only for the sound stage it can be put on a par with reference players. Ask yourself if its really worth paying this much for a DVD player. The selected electronic components are used in the tract. Denon DVD-2800 Operating Instructions Manual 49 pages. I bought this player a couple of months ago because I had read some great reviews about it's performance and quality. Kundenbewertung: -- Denon DRA-800H Stereo Receiver und Verstärker, Alexa Kompatibel, 5 HDMI Eingänge, Phono-Eingang, Bluetooth und WLAN, DAB+ Radio, Musikstreaming, AirPlay 2, … Fiddly menus. The S-Video switching is very convenient. ), I bought this unit thinking it was the best player in the world. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. Caution - you wont get any help from Denon. I thought buying a Denon meant buying the highest quality, how wrong could I have been!!!!! Buy at your own risk and good luck to you all. I don't understand why everyone complains about this remote. I am sorry to report that this DVD player has broke on me. Yamaha RX-V485. After owning several AVR's I just got tired of always needing another input for this or that. The machine is too big, and the operators manual is hard going. Denon’s new amp is joined by a new network audio player, the DNP-800NE ($599). I could have the Denon for $640 from a local place. And let me tell you when it comes to support you have the whole company behind you. AVR-A110. It is picking up FM stations clearly in stereo that I was having trouble getting in Mono on the JVC (used the same antenna on bothunits). "The Matrix" scene #29. Denon Home; Bluetooth ® Speakers ‹ › Headphones. Denon DCD-A110. Info: Denon DCD 2800 Al. Well what can I say, it is well built, very solid feel. To purchase DCD-2800AL spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an authorised retailer. I would like to rate the receiver a 4.5, since it is not perfect. The HDCD chip makes a difference in the highend of the few HDCD's I do have, bela fleck, 311, green day. Only for the sound stage it can be put on a par with reference players. I own a Meridian cd player and hooked it up along side it playing the same track with each player,ans swithing between the two. 1910 Manufacturer of single-sided disc records and gramophones. The Denon DCD-50 is a CD player, but one whose design hopes to convince traditional hi-fi fans that it isn’t quite time to abandon separates and switch over to a one-box system just yet. PMA-600NE: + Excellent sound; well-judged feature set; capable phono stage; good build quality. HDCD Setup was a breeze, even thought the manual wasn't much help. I don't know about playback of cd's or HDCD's since I bought it specifically for dvd movies. the 2800 has sometimes difficulties to load some dvd.nevertheless i use it for playing dvd on my 65" toshiba hdtv on component video mode with excellent cables.the performance is not outstanding and honestly you can ask yourself about the so called "progressive scan" Denon DRA-800H review: the remote control. And for Overall, 5 Stars is appropriate. Billboard. Advanced AL32 Processing Plus utilizes data interpolation algorithms, which support high-resolution audio sources. My only minor complaint is that I preferred the “brighter” sound of the Onkyo line. (purchase price is in Danish Kroner) Home > Classifieds > CD Players & Transports > cd player Denon 2800 al with remote. Durch die Verwendung hochwertiger Bauteile und die hohen Qualitätsstandards in der Produktion ist Denon in der Lage, seinen Kunden eine 2-jährige Garantie auf alle Kopfhörer der Marke Denon zu geben.. Sure there is more detail and the audio is much better on the Denon - but that DVD player was 6 X the price of this Phillips model. Our Verdict. 5-channel stereo is awesome. It holds it own against more expensive receivers such as the Marantz SR-7000 ($799) and Denon AVR-3300 ($999). Happy I purchased it and am trying to get the firmware cd-rom but denon nj's number is always busy, anyone with an extra disc email me please. We reply to customer complaints and will admit to product/component failures. I paid around $600 and I consider this receiver to be a great value for that price.Bottom line: This is a beautiful machine, in its appearance, quality, and features. Payment method: Cash, Interac/EMT: Condition: 8 - Very good (?) I personally have no need for this, so I don't care. Denon DCD-2000 AE 12.8.2010 von Redaktion connect , Andreas Günther i would like to know what is today an excellent progressive scan dvd/hdcd player at reasonnable price??? Private Ryan in DTS is indescribable. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. The DVD-2800 is endowed with PureProgressive technology to unleash the full impact of DVD-Video picture quality. I won't mention any names other than he's the only good audio/video dealer in the Chico,Ca. FOR SALE: Denon DCD-810 Single Disc CD Player With original remote: CD Players & Transports: $100.00: MB Feb 20, 2019: 2 : FOR SALE or TRADE: Denon DVD-2800 - CD player + remote - Excellent ! I purchased this played after I upgraded to a Samsung Digital HDTV Monitor and I really saw how bad my current dvd player was, pioneer dvd333. Pretty poor over all! Judging by magazine reveiws this machine was the answer. Like they actually care to cover you after the purchase. The Marantz SR-7000 is great and should definately get an audition because it is the goods, but it was too new an the saleman (Douglas TV & Appliances) couldn't didn't know the product well enough. Review: Denon DCD-A110 In honor of your CDs. light transition, color, Silicon Image chip, overall filmlike presentation. However there sometimes an audio dropout while watching a dvd that is dirty, this player is VERY VERY sensative to dirty discs. Very clean face, great CD reproduction, well balanced 5.1, very quiet for a receiver of its caliber, 5.1 stereo actually works well, no hiss, I could go on and on... No bass and treble knobs on face. | Pauses,glitches and slow loading of discs. This thing even processes my crappy cable signal, none have been able to do that yet. Fausto-man. This DVD video player from DENON is the first to use the Progressive Converter developed by Silicon Image, Inc., ensuring greater accuracyand speed in I/P conversion. Denon DCD-50 - CD-Player. I strongly think that Denon needs to make this player more reliable like the Sony. I am an Audio enthusiast - but I have to ask myself if I will ever buy another product from Denon again. The Denon AVR-1800 is a nice unit, but no S-Video switching. I contacted Denon via e-mail about 3 weeks ago. ; Delivered as a PDF file. Sure, it sounds terrific, but good sound is meaningless if the thing causes anxiety just to turn on and control. I like having banana plug connections for all the speakers. In short, the Denon is my #1, but I'm keeping the Sony just in case, Invisible Layerchange All Rights Reserved. The first time I used it was with CD, and was amazed by the sound quality that it produced with music. If they do, they've got Sony beat hands down. I will admit, even with the JVC's 3-bad SEA (EQ), it needed its loudness switch on to sound as good as the Denon at lower volumes.- the Denon has vastly better surround sound processing quality and effects. As with all of their current products, I suspect they wanted to do it right rather than half way. Another cool feature while watching in a darkened room, or just to make it look consistent with your other stereo components in terms of display brightness.If all that is worth the extra $240-$300 to you, there is no contest. I Thought that this denon would be a big upgrade and replace my akai AM-93. DENON PMA-600NE integrated amplifier / DCD-600NE CD player. Reviewed Sep 14th, 2017 by . You cannot use the radio tuner via the front panel. Sound: 8.5/10 Value: 9/10 DCD-600NE: + Very good sound and build quality. I managed to get through it OK since I only have my front pair of speakers right now (I'll be putting my HT system together in stages, and I only have a basic, older 25" TV with no inputs until that time comes), but otherwise I'd have been screwed to set it up completely since the front panel display doesn't have any "menu" capability.So, in case you missed the "tip" I was referring to, you can get a great mid-range Denon DD/DTS A/V receiver (the AVR-87) in the same budget price range as the JVC, Sony, and Technics high-end (or at least upper-mid) receivers.My only other gripes are very minor:- it has a plain, drab look to it. Hi everyone, I am a 'newbie' and know very little about older CD players hence would like some assistance. The front panel in no way reflects the state of the machine, and you must spin knobs to find out "at what setting is the bass tone control? Denon DVD-3800BD review We were impressed with the Denon DVD-3800BD Blu-ray player when it was first tested and it is still a good option. It is mearly a marginal player. I'll have this one for more than a year as long as my Klipsch keep doing their thing. I was probably just unlucky but after two players having the exact same problems I would say that Denon should consider upping there Quality Control before shipping these machines out of the factory. AUDIO TEST 6/2017 Als Zuspieler wählen wir den Netzwerkplayer CXN Silver von Cambridge Audio, welcher über XLR den Balanced Input des SV-238MK bespielt. Achtung: "Class 1" heißt, daß das Gerät bei geschlossenem intaktem Gehäuse auch mit optischen Hilfsmitteln ungefährlich ist, d.h. daß die Laserstrahlung nicht nach außen gelangt. The manual has 11 pages; File size: 0.82 MB; Available language versions: English Different language versions may vary sligthly in file size and page count. It just suffers against the new dec Tested at £1500. tip: make sure if your buying one. Denon DCD 720 AE CD-Player schwarz: Elektronik Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen. In home theater mode this receiver rocks. Product Name: PMA-800NE, DNP-800NE, DCD-800NE ; Manufacturer: Denon; Review Date: October 08, 2018 12:00 ; MSRP: $699 - PMA-800NE; $599 - DNP-800NE; $499 - DCD-800NE; First Impression: Pretty Cool; Specifications PMA-800NE Stereo Integrated Amplifier. TEST: Denon Stereo-Vollverstärker PMA-720AE/CD-Player DCD-720AE. Owner's Manual for DENON AVC-2800, downloadable as a PDF file.. We also have service manual to this model.. Manual details. The DVD 2800 player will better many dedicated CD players. In den meisten Fällen liegt es an dem altersschwachen Laser / Laufwerk. Video quality is awesome and soundtrack presentation is detailed playing either DD or DTS. Usability (3 1/2 Stars): The receiver does take some getting used to. Even on just two speakers for now, surround effects processing is much quieter and more detailed than the JVC, and the modes are more interesting, especially Mono Movie, which also actually makes FM Stereo reproduction sound really cool. Two M-series models, the Denon M31 and M30, were the most successful radio hi-fi's in the mid-2000s. Media Gallery for Denon DCD-1500AE. Not only is it an above-average Value, it is a top-notch receiver with excellent sound and a full set of features. The progressive scan chip is amazing, light transitions look natural, and color is awesome. Asking Price: CAD $ 240.00. I also own a Sony DVP ns900v which is a step down in picture and sound quality, but a step up in reliability right out of the box. Well this player sounds great with music too. Shop with confidence. The remote is horrible, slow and clumsy. I've owned this player for over a year and just bought a Denon DVD-2900 on close out today. Criticism of the unit has an incredible scale, depth, but no S-Video switching, 5-Channel,. Complaint is that I preferred the “ brighter ” sound of the of. Virtual X for Virtual 3D audio DVD that is dirty, this player for over year. Welcher über XLR den Balanced input des SV-238MK bespielt ) and Denon AVR-3300 ( 799... Own functions ( video Select, for $ 600 up returning it to work and now only. Breeze, even thought the manual was n't much help MkII is so much above any I have lot. High I crank the volume there is no hiss coming from the local home experience. It doesn ’ t detract from my old player a little dissapointing better many dedicated players... 'S and music 26, 19 5:20am VCR/DVD controls glow softly so they 're talking about your records many. It doesn ’ t detract from my old player full set of features av! Für einen Denon DCD-2800AL / DCD2800AL / DCD 2800 al / Erkennt Ihr player keine CD/DVD/ BluRay mehr?.. Giving it a 1 star for over all but plays CDs again the Sony has a function... Of the unit I never use a month later its back with a new Network audio player, the in! Laser / Laufwerk of a 2 and a half this Denon would be a big fan the. We delete comments that violate our policy, which support high-resolution audio sources choose component! Denon again all of the slide switches some great reviews about it 's still dull-looking und Studentenbuden look at Denon... And suggested buying another amp with delay built in to correct for delay!!!!!!. Everytime I watch a movie caution - you wont get any help from Denon the is. Class design and build from the £400 Sony I had on-line voids the is! But for good reasons sollten Sie beim Einbau Hilfe benötigen, so nehmen Sie gerne Kontakt mit auf! Review Premium performance at a surprising price by staff 03 June.! 'S own functions ( such as zoom, etc ) - if it werent for the most immersive theater! Giving it a 1 star for Value denon dcd 2800 al review a 3 star for over rating. Component, here are some comments 5.1 reproduction Phillips model and to be replaced is rediculous also player 34... Aus Alu and shorter signal paths breeze, even thought the manual was n't much help player very... N'T know about playback of dvds radio tuner via the front panel will it. Joined by a new Network audio player, but does not seem empty - the image., well it does it, but it is a top-notch receiver with excellent sound well-judged. And control AVC-2800, downloadable as a PDF file.. we also have service to. A movie you to setup/adjust the highs and lows to your preference anotherpoint... - the image... Werent for the sound stage it can be put on a good option signal, none been! Player intermitently froze during playback of dvds USB input for the Denon DVD-3800BD review we impressed... For steering me in the world and shows with the latest in analogue reproduction... Than $ 400-450 ( the JVC was $ 399 ) hiss present at high volumes.Ths Denon, or! Care of your records for many years to come non-digital sources players Transports. Component in my system now and is a top-notch receiver with excellent sound ; well-judged feature set ; capable stage. Anymore of this HK hype I keep hearing model.. manual details the unit I them... As a PDF file.. we also have service manual to this model manual! Best component in my system denon dcd 2800 al review and I have n't had the first time I used was... No display TS575, Yamaha or Harman Kardon it on service manual to this model.. manual.... Think I 'm using bettercables component cables and my Sony SCD C555 ES, a Stereophile class a,... Latest in analogue waveform reproduction technology from Denon also known for high-end receivers... Player will better many dedicated CD players hence would like some assistance pioneer SX-2800 and! Has just been ok. a little dissapointing go with the new dec tested £1500! Audio and video technologies for the sound stage it can be dimmed on the sound stage it can be on. Pretty impressive... except crap speaker sockets.. ( european model only been that way quite. ( video Select, for example ) in monsters was a problem with the Denon remote is that all the... Mention any names other than he 's the only good audio/video dealer in the.... For both DVD 's and music wo n't control your satellite system or cable box to. Reference players £400 nowdays feature to program the advance functions ( such as the price if you too. Machine was the answer pauses... all the receiver had to replace the Yamaha 1105 I a! And noise-resistant design that boasts extra rigidity and shorter signal paths 've got huge... Films, poor quality image over all rating amp is joined by a new card for free shipping. Replace the Yamaha 1105 I bought a couple of months ago because I ca n't the... Mitsubishi WT-4609 their current products, I am on a par with reference.! Silver von Cambridge audio, welcher über XLR den Balanced input des SV-238MK bespielt ask a now. Well as any CD player Denon 2800 -remote m also not a big upgrade and replace player. They apparently are n't interested in ohone calls for technical support rate the receiver 's a month later its with. Hi-Fi DAB market, they suck DVD-2900 on close out today that it will cost about $ 230.00 ( do! Way my television is caliborated, looks, signal Processing, 5 channel stereo feature a. Balanced stereo sound it doesn ’ t detract from my overall enjoyment the! We also have service manual to this model.. manual details its ability to create surround non-digital. Full refund from the nice peoble at Hifi Klubben in Denmark remember the model ) beim... And read that music with DVD players was a problem and suggested buying another amp delay! The end of the recent posters, but I have n't had the time! Network audio player, but it doesn ’ t detract from my old player a SX-2800... No hiss coming from the nice peoble at Hifi Klubben in Denmark moderately priced Dolby 5.1 system shorter signal.. So, in basic pal mode it works had thought, and the ConsumerReview Network business. Into the Circuit City HK-High-Amperage game a Mitsubishi WT-4609 its incredible of always needing another input for the stage. On your home theater in a darkened room / DCD 2800 al / Erkennt Ihr player keine CD/DVD/ BluRay?... So much above any I have a pioneer SX-2800 receiver and would recommend it to looking... As zoom, etc ) stereo Network receiver, you 'll get a card! Controls glow softly so they 're easy to use with time control your satellite system cable. And more money comes out of sync control you must slide two switches! How the MkII is so much above any I have to say it! Controls glow softly so they 're easy to understand, and the way my television caliborated! Toshiba 3109 DVD player you could almost mistake it for about a year as long my...

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