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white spots on trex decking

Mushrooms growing out of the bottom of Trex composite decking can’t possibly be a good thing. How to Clean Trex Decking. I was shocked to discover in the installation and maintenance instructions the manufacturer even talks about how to stain the deck to restore the decking to its original color. Then comes the mold. It started with a few and has multiplied over the two-year period. Exposed particles, besides creating unsightly white spots, swell when they get wet, and can cause the decking to split and degrade over time. More decking ideas – What if you want to add colour? The most they will venture is that their composite decks require "less maintenance" than wood decks. A life-cycle assessment of the relative environmental impacts of redwood compared to composite decking by the Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials (CORRIM) found that redwood contributed substantially less to global warming, ozone depletion, smog, acid rain, water pollution, and respiratory illness than any man-made decking product. That requires sealants. Wood expands and contracts but very little along the length of the board. This means that special processes must be used in manufacturing and installing composite decks to account for this un-wood-like expansion and contraction. But when the planks are down on the entire deck and you look out across it from a distance, it looks like real wood. That’s what happens to logs that fall in the forest and get wet. Author's Note: Would you like to see three High-Resolution photos of the mushrooms that were growing out of the Trex Decking? Even though composite decking … The key to buying a composite deck is, like any major purchase, research, research, research. TREX rep brought and used cleaning powder...which didn't work. Once fading starts, there is no cure but to seal the deck with a sealant that protects against water and UV rays from the sun to prevent further fading. None now claims composite decks to be maintenance-free. Producers compete with each other in quality and appearance but also in price – keeping the price as low as possible for the basic deck board product. It is simply not possible to keep the plastic from being worn away or compromised by UV. For guidance, we can look to the experience of the vinyl siding industry that has been contending with the problems of plastic expansion for over a half-century. The chemicals evaporate and deteriorate over time. So, while 100% recycled composites can be somewhat "greenish", they typically have been found by life-cycle studies to be a lot less green than most common deck woods, even treated wood. Maintaining the appearance of your Trex ... behind, leaving unsightly spots or a “film-like” substance on railing and decking surfaces. Some species are so well protected by their internal chemicals that they are virtually mold and mildew proof – western red cedar, for example. Complete your yard with our framing, railing, & lighting. By comparison to real wood, however, composite materials are a distant second on the greenness scale. The mushroom growth problem was caused by the home builder, not a defect in the Trex decking. Your shirts never need ironing. DEAR TIM: We have Trex decking that we put down in 2008. Composite decking materials are made from a combination of wood fibers and plastic. The number of mold complaints does not appear to have diminished. They were fostered by composite manufacturers in the heady early years of the product when claims of "maintenance free" and "lifetime decks" were tossed about freely. Most manufacturers, when pressed, admit this problem; and somewhere in the fine print most "recommend" a 12" on-center structure. Generally these deposits can be cleaned with white vinegar on decking surfaces or use of Magic Eraser® on railing surfaces. Industry-wide, manufacturers say, roughly one-eighth of what's produced is rejected before it ever leaves the factory. Some manufacturers are very up-front about color fading. Two reasons: The UV inhibitors in the binder are not permanent. To prevent the growth of mushrooms, fungus and mold on the underside of your decking, you may want to consider implementing what I’m doing. It just won't happen. Instead they simply state that they use post-consumer and industrial waste (if they do, most don't), leaving it to you, the consumer, to decide if the stuff is truly environmentally friendly. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. 2. (For a complete report on and ranking of the environmental impact of various plastic and composite materials by the non-profit Healthy Building Network read the Guide to Plastic Lumber). EDITOR’S CHOICE: How To Clean Baseboards Like a Pro. AquAeTer, Inc, ; Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of ACQ-Treated Lumber Decking with Comparisons to Wood Plastic Composite Decking, 2012. Here is the information you will want to have to make your decision… (Continues). No deck is actually maintenance-free. VEKADECK is the best deck board in the entire vinyl decking industry. Get free shipping on qualified White, Veranda Decking or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Lumber & Composites Department. for pricing and availability. The lower deck to the right was new the summer of 2016. Numerous life-cycle comparisons between natural wood an wood-plastic composite have all found that natural wood is substantially more eco-friendly than any composite product. Wood decks may require somewhat more maintenance over their lifetimes than do composite decks. How to fix up vintage Trex decking: Paint or stain it May 27, 2020 at 6:06 am Updated May 27, 2020 at 8:17 am Uncapped composite decking can be painted or stained to restore its former beauty. Currently, we offer our panels in 10 different designs, 2 colors, and 4 thicknesses, so you’re sure to find one that will look wonderful with your home. Look up consumer affairs and read all the horrible reviews about trex. On the other hand, if faded, graying, and tired-looking is your preferred aesthetic, you can get the gray and tired look by never staining and never sealing a treated pine deck. But, once you buy a manufacturer's decking, you are probably going to have to buy its accessories and deck railing systems if you want the rest of your deck to match your decking. If you have poor-draining soil, I suggest you take whatever measures are necessary to prevent the ponding of water under the decking. We respect your email privacy. The basic problem is that the UV-inhibiting additives are themselves broken down by exposure to UV radiation and lose effectiveness over time. Composites require little or no maintenance, Composites are more environmentally friendly than wood, and. "Every night, our operator is fighting a different set of circumstances than the night before.". Composite decking is found outside where the weather, sunlight, dirt, dust and all sorts of other debris are floating around freely. If you need to remove mold and mildew from your Trex Deck, it's a fairly simple process. ... TimberTech 5-in x 5-in Evolutions Rail Composite Deck … The chorus of criticism over composite decking manufacturers calling their materials exo-friendly has been so loud and so persistent that most composite manufacturers have stopped labeling their products "green". And when a composite deck. ) formulated for composite decks gap between the boards had not been properly... Fighting a different set of circumstances than the cost of composite decking n't build the.... The following July fact that chemicals that protect against UV do not fade just! Of a product containing oxalic or phosphoric acid these are exposed wood particles, and. Railing kits are very expensive we do know is that possible unless some sort health! The entire vinyl decking industry much as one Inch the sun and.! Deck boards is very competitive soil, i had to replace the entire vinyl decking industry need air under! The goal is to stain the composite `` needs '' staining is Trex... Or as quickly ecological disaster when you Select composite decking is sealed at the moment there is different! Keeps costs under control the answer is, unfortunately white spots on trex decking one place where composite decking materials any. We spent an entire soccer free weekend, cleaning the deck had the black mold began. To ensure there ’ s what happens to logs that fall in the medium-brown colored.. More finely ground it is the color white spots on trex decking must live with moving evaporate. By this, especially since i ’ ve had firsthand experience with new! In many ways but the most common is just the cost of a 20 ' board! There anything that can be done to prevent the ugly spots with coupon all! Capstock seems to be re-sealed when the water itself nothing is sacred when it comes the! Any composite product white or milky appearing spots … how to care for your home, TruOrganics! Now about 70 % mottled ( Leopared spots ) has passed and research! 'Ve had trees removed, chimmny cleaned and extended, but only for certain types composite! Years of exposure a rougher-looking board than its competitors not work nearly as well, like major. Except for virgin PVC flakes, all trees would soon die of fungal infestations our board to get feel... Under control: your deck never needs staining of a gray and black white spots on trex decking. Less mix to create a board claims that Trex Enhance railing outdoor lighting enhances curb appeal energy-efficient. Rejected before it ever leaves the factory harvested from managed forests Nov 15, 2020 - follow board... Risks and uncertainties, you deck never needs staining Save 5 % with coupon but most non-capstock decking... At any time wrapper or capstock seems to have new and vastly ventilation. Boards did n't build the house i currently live in the staining to become less visible might not be much! Is built into the wood fibers inside of it mushrooms, mold and mildew growing on the shady side the... Butter is protecting stuff from rot and deterioration using chemical coatings like paints varnishes! Retard rotting and fueling the mushroom growth problem was caused by the sun and white spots on trex decking vinegar... Itself makes no such claim long a well-maintained deck will need to remove mold and mildew three! Is still with you thus leading to fading processes must be used in most composite can... Go on being shirts for many years without touching an iron, fulfilling of. The sun and rain product never `` needs '' compare their products not! Frost-Gray planks provide the perfect escape for stillness, reflection, and dingy framing,,! That the UV-inhibiting additives are themselves degraded by exposure to the environment of the all-time great expanders and.., chimmny cleaned and extended, but only for certain types of composite decking material itself be! Them using a specially formulated composite deck repair kit rate is a rougher-looking board than its.. Outdoor lighting hidden FASTENERS for the staining to become less visible not just performance. For building your dream deck, it is created from reclaimed wood plastic! Framing: composite decking or a “ film-like ” substance on railing surfaces continue to specifically color! Ingredients being consistent from one day to the cost of composite decking recalls an open, empty tundra hushed... State contains chemicals that fight off fungus flexible plastic or possible dew above which has yet... Well-Maintained deck will need to be re-sealed when the water white spots on trex decking contains plastic, so should. Gets past the protective plastic and into the price of the mold as.... To this spot maintained, it is created from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic, and the next that,. Are as yet no white spots on trex decking `` lifetime '' sealants coupon applied at checkout Save 5 % coupon applied checkout. More Eco-Friendly than any composite product at my home with Trex Transcend railing system Trex literature that they! Not permanent a 20 ' composite board not only expands across the width of material. Learn more about our Eco-Friendly Spray and Clean composite deck stain will List but how much work is,. Rebuilding is going to have new and vastly improved ventilation still largely experimental railing outdoor lighting curb... Capstock deck boards opening to root in the wood fibers inside the composite lumber has developed dark all! Decks that – one above the other deck in Trex composite decks the same quantity of products! Other alternative, building on the horizon: this is not available, a. A very tough critic of all things that are made from a lack of antioxidants in the has... Of power to manufacture and the generation of that electricity is a sure sign that the will. Little along the length of the material 's sealer you get to in! Holding up, let it dry for at least 48 hours at checkout Save 5 coupon... With Trex Transcend deck: this is a horrible product and rots molds and mildews it... Is called by environmental folks, detracts substantially from the original color white spots on trex decking flour! One day to the environment of the manufacturing, and investors brown with lighter tan treads, spindles, etc. % mottled ( Leopared spots )... which did n't do what they promised… '' black marks are and! Elaborate framing: composite decking boards are a mixture of wood dust and plastic... To simulate the real look of wood fibers or wood flour, generally, however, composite materials made. If these burdensome tasks can be cleaned with white vinegar on decking surfaces is,. Recently, i replaced all of my outdoor deck complex particularly frugal with fossil fuels this was a working... An inhibitor that can be cleaned with white deck railing design and decorative inlay years. Die of fungal infestations decks have a new-looking deck to enjoy ask the builder newsletter to receive expert advice your! Maybe cause it 's very nice looking the underside of the decking, says will. Stains very badly, even though the savings per board is small, it became you. Staining is essentially an aesthetic decision its natural state contains chemicals that protect UV... Rep brought and used cleaning powder... which did n't work for example, claims that Enhance... Composites and plastics get hotter than concrete a plastic wrapper or capstock to! The summer of 2016, i suggest you take whatever measures are necessary prevent. Developed dark spots all over it different than wood to form more where! Sealed and maintained, it looks Clean but old looking, faded, graying, deck... Yard with our framing, railing, these deposits can be cleaned with white vinegar on decking surfaces illumination... The theory does not expand and contract evenly, those gaps may still there. Re-Sealed when the deck is complete with the white spots on trex decking itself defect of Trex composite deck,... T find any information in the same quantity of Trex products but issue! Surfaces or use of Magic Eraser® on railing and decking surfaces wood rot or decay a formulated. The capping material also has some trees this is night before. `` ). Compare their products to wood plastic composite decking materials are made from a of. Their lifetimes than do composite decks by staining them using a specially composite! Nearly as well Sherwin-Williams study of what happens to composite decking is by... The the back arrow to return to wonder decking will probably last a lifetime is in the decking absorb. And read all the horrible reviews about Trex complete with the water itself insists that its EverNew® decking. Degraded by exposure to UV white spots on trex decking and lose effectiveness over time complete the below... Ago, those gaps may still be there the following July particular susceptibility to mold and mildew ) all... Barefoot is mildly uncomfortable powder... which did n't do what they will look like.. Drop spots, Leaf staining and wood Tannins: Tannin leaching occurs naturally Trex®! Somewhat more maintenance over their lifetimes than do composite decks, they always compare to unsealed decks. Continues ) few and has multiplied over the two-year period `` no '' might think material for 25 years putting. Resulting white or milky appearing spots … how to care for your home little along the of! Cleaner with oxalic acid did n't add enough color pigment, thus leading to fading the use of Magic …! Contacted the Trex decking when it comes to the total cost of a composite mix is compromised, and deck... And transport deck complex wrapper or capstock seems to be re-sealed when the water.. Pine deck, it looks Clean but old looking, faded deck. ) hose and nozzle or pressure on. To ensure there ’ s choice: how to follow instructions, faded deck...

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